Cautiously does it…

15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

It’s been a quiet few days as I’ve taken some time out to recuperate from intensive zooming over the last weeks. As churches cautiously begin to open their doors for Mass, do take care to read the guidelines (available on the website) before you come to Mass and check newsletters for up to date information as the usual times may have been altered to enable cleaning to take place. Please note there is still no Sunday obligation and if you can attend Mass during the week, this may help keep numbers manageable on
Sundays. You may need to contact the parish ahead of time to let them know of your intention to attend – again check the newsletters. If you haven’t yet accessed the Archdiocesan Resources online that now includes an audio version of their Sunday reflections, I can highly commend them to you. God Bless, Helen

The world is changed by your example not by your opinion

Paulo Coehlo.