3rd Sunday of Easter

I hope you were able to celebrate St George’s day last week – perhaps with fish and chips? Synod News! We’re inviting parishioners from the Liverpool South Pastoral Area to join us virtually on Zoom to reflect on Synod during COVID-19: How God is speaking to us through our present experience on either Wednesday 29 April at 11am- 12:30pm or Thursday 30 April 7pm – 8:30pm (with an applause break around 8pm).  Zoom allows large groups of people to be online together and interact. It’s simple to use and to participate you need a Wifi device that has a mic and a camera (phone/iPad/tablet/laptop). 

The meeting will allow small group discussions to take place as well as everyone being together. Please do consider joining us and email me to let me know which meeting you can attend by Tuesday 28 April. I will send you a link with the simple set up, the meeting ID and password.  I can talk you through the set up if you register early. This is experimental and should be fruitful, prayerful and fun. The time given allows for technical glitches and for conversation. Alternatively, please visit the Synod website synod2020.co.uk to access the leaflet, video and submit your proposal (closes 4 May). In these times our discernment in becoming the Church that God is calling us to be, is extremely poignant.

My favourite bible verse comes to mind this week as we are pushed out of our comfort zones: “Duc in altum – Put out into the deep.” Lk 5:4. I continue to pray with you each day and I miss you. Stay safe, keep well and perhaps see you virtually next week? God Bless, Helen

Quiz answers from last week: 1. Where was St George executed? b) Nicomedia 2. Which red flower is given as a gift on St George’s Day in Barcelona? d) Roses 3. What was Saint George’s occupation?  c) Soldier 4. “St George!” was the battle cry of which European navy in the late middle ages? d) Portuguese Navy 5. Which two Mediterranean islands have St George among patron saints?  b) Malta and Gozo 6. Which English king first adopted the red cross on a white background?  c) Richard the Lionheart 7. It is traditional to give your love a red flower on St George’s Day in Catalonia. What could you expect as a gift in return?  b) Books 8. Which English chivalric club, set up by Edward III, invokes Saint George? a) Order of the Garter 9. St George’s Day is celebrated on what day in Bulgaria? d) 6 May. I hope you did better than me! 😊