Big Questions of 2020

The RCIA core team has produced 3 short ‘films’/‘PowerPoint with voice overs’ (each one 12–15 minutes) which can be used with enquirers/RCIA teams but may also be of interest to parish groups looking to gather via Zoom etc for faith sharing.

Each session will be launched with an hour and a quarter Zoom session in which the film will be shown and people will meet in breakout rooms with RCIA core team members to reflect together on the themes. All of the sessions will begin at 6.15pm and end at 7.30pm. You can choose to attend one or all of the sessions.

​Those who want to participate will need to register so that we can send the Zoom link. Registration will need to be completed by 4pm on the Monday prior to each session – we won’t be able to accept anyone on the day before.

For more information: