Broken pieces

With the Feast of Ss Peter and Paul celebrated this weekend coinciding with the beginning of the Justice and Peace Annual Assembly, the missionary focus for each of us as Covid-19 eases, is strong.  Our Zoom virtual assembly starts with Cardinal Michael from St Vincent’s setting our current situation in a profoundly spiritual context. On Monday Diarmuid O’Murchu discusses the context from an eco-justice viewpoint focussing on what we can do via networks and on Wednesday, Christine Allen (CAFOD) looks at the global impact.  Andy Burnham (Mayor of Greater Manchester) will join the three speakers for a panel discussion on Saturday 4 July.  This is a great opportunity to get informed, to be challenged and to participate in a unique forum in these unprecedented times. You must register for the zoom events, which include group discussion on Monday and Wednesday or via Q&A at . The talks will also be broadcast simultaneously on Facebook and YouTube.  The panel webinar will be live streamed on Facebook. God Bless, Helen

“Mosaics are made from broken pieces, but they’re still a work of art.  And so are you.”