Making All Things New

Trinity Sunday 2020

You may be aware that part of my role is to work with a diocesan group and as such, I am learning about the Justice and Peace Commission.  This year their Annual Assembly will be held virtually in four sessions on the theme “Making All things New – our Christian response to the COVID crisis.” Speakers include Cardinal Michael Fitzgerald on 28th June, Diarmuid O’Murchu (MSC) on 29th June, Christine Allen (CAFOD) on 1st July (all at 7:30pm) and a panel discussion/Q+A on 4th July at 10am.  The Assembly will also be livestreamed on Facebook and uploaded later on YouTube.  More details will follow. It is an opportunity to reflect on our times of upheaval, uncertainty and disquiet and to share ideas as to how we can move forward. Do keep the evenings free if you are interested and should you need help with the Zoom set up, let me know.  Questions and comments can be submitted even if you can’t participate in the virtual events.

In these times of pain and unrest, we do what we can in our own small ways, holding one another in prayer. “Every tear brings the Messiah closer” seems very apt (from Jewish apocalyptic literature).  God Bless, Helen