14th Sunday of Ordinary Time

As the J&P Annual Assembly draws to a close, we are struck by the words of Pope Francis yet again “Prepare the Future” and as our churches are opening for Mass we cautiously re-enter a world we were so familiar with and yet now may seem somewhat shocking and strange. A video with “what to expect” is on our website to help us. Online missals might be an idea to have for Mass – the Universalis app can be downloaded for your phone (free trial for a month). This week keep an eye on Synod news.  Now, more than ever, our experiences during the pandemic may give us an opportunity to create the church that God is calling us to be in a very different way.  The Synod proposals portal will remain open until 1 September ( Do reflect and share your thoughts if you can.  As many of us are now used to virtual meetings, it may also be an opportunity to come together and share our own journeys with one another: watch this space! God bless, Helen

“Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.”

sent to me this week