Synod Discernment Sessions

To help to prioritise the 19 recommendations produced by the Synod process to date, we invite you to join Synod members for 3 meetings on Wednesday evenings on 12,19 and 26 May from 7-8pm (ish). We will look at the recommendations for 2 themes (sessions) at each meeting.  We would ask you to prepare by reading through the relevant recommendations carefully and also looking at and taking time to read the relevant sections of Together on the Road (links below) in order to give us the maximum amount of discussion time.

The sessions will include prayer, a very short input and then time for discussion as we reflect on the recommendations together (eg 1-3).  This will be repeated for the next theme/session (eg 4-6) before we come together as a larger group and share our thoughts on all the recommendations (eg 1-6) we have looked at during the meeting.  If the discussion proves to go beyond 8pm, we may continue, if wished, for a little longer at the discretion of the group, but definitely no longer than 8:30pm!

Wednesdays 7-8pm
12 May – Sessions on Evangelisation & Ministry (#1-3) and Invite & Welcome in God’s Name (#4-6)
19 May – Sessions on Faith Formation (#7-9)  and Prayer & Spirituality (#10-11)
26 May –  Sessions on Catholic Social Teaching & Community (#12 – 15) and Administration & Governance (#16-19)

Some links that may aid you:
Recommendations Mini Site:
Resources including a pdf of Together on the Road: