Way of the Cross

3rd Sunday of Lent

Our Lent Way of the Cross Pilgrimage last weekend to many of our local churches was a time of grace as we connected with our past, present and future.  Over 50 of us participated during the day with many accompanying the Cross for all 14 stations.  Halfway round we stopped at St Patrick’s for a prayer at the memorial cross for those who had died during the typhoid epidemic which touched us deeply. The reverence and peace we experienced throughout the day certainly will sustain us in the coming weeks of Lent.  Thank you to all who prayed both with us and for us especially the believing witness of the Carmelite community with whom we celebrated Mass to start our day. The warm welcome by our Pastoral Area priests, the sense of coming home to our mother church at the Cathedral gave us a feeling of deep belonging.  By sharing our faith journey with one another we continue becoming the church that God is calling us to be on our journey.  My sincere gratitude to all who helped, carried and read so willingly, our clergy and, of course, to the pilgrims young and not so young! “May you appreciate the wonder that you are and the miracle of all creation” Reverence from the Twelve Gifts of Birth by Charlene Costanzo. God Bless, Helen